Who We Are


We are the Phoenix chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross- an international movement created to aid political prisoners, primarily anarchists. ABC started in the early 1900’s Russia as a reaction to the fact that the organizations, such as the Political Red Cross, created to aid political prisoners refused to give any help to the anarchists being locked up and tortured by the Tsar. The ABC, at the time the Anarchist Red Cross, itself became blacklisted and members, escaping punishment, fled to other parts of the world, bringing the black cross movement with them.

The Phoenix Anarchist Black Cross began in mid-2014, lending aid to Arizona Prison Watch with the influx of letters they got about abuses in prison: sending in resources for access to healthcare, grievances, legal disputes, and human rights violations. Our primary function, as with other chapters of ABC around the world, is to provide aid to social-movement prisoners within our community. As prison abolitionists, we stand in solidarity with everyone unfortunate enough to have to experience the travesties of the various ‘justice’ systems around the world. If you would like to get involved or lend resources we can be reached at collective@phoenixabc.org